Small Differences in English Can Have a Big Impact

Our eleventh grade students took a big step in their understanding of English literature. Students studied the differences between denotation (what a word actually means) and connotation (other ideas that word makes you think of). “Learning these concepts helps students master the English language”, Ms. Kitiya Le Huu, the Head of MUIDS’ Modern Languages department,…

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MUIDS Calculus Students Master Higher Level Math

Math student project

Our twelfth grade Calculus students have left behind a legacy of great projects. The final projects they created were objects that allowed them to calculate the actual volume of their object and its theoretical volume. This concept, known as the volumes of solids with cross sections, has many real world applications. A  designer can use…

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Sculpture Students Leave Behind Great Works

Our twelfth-grade Sculpture students will graduate soon. Many of them will leave behind great works of art for other students to enjoy. “The focus in MUIDS’s sculpture course is on hands on projects,” Mr. Monchai Kijbamring, the class’s instructor, commented. “This class is unique in the sense that it’s more like a vocational class. Students…

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Architects in the Making

Student model of multi-story house

Students in MUIDS’s “Architecture and Advertising” class are learning how to apply the basic principles of art, such as how “form follows function,” to architecture. This elective is different from most art classes where students learn how to express themselves. In this class students learn the fundamentals of architecture as well as to how to…

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Math at MUIDS Comes Alive

Grid drawing of cartoon animals and anime girl

Showing what you know is a key step in the learning process. Accelerated Math students showed how much they’ve learned about complex shapes when they created illustrations of famous cartoon characters. The project required them to create complex shapes using conic sections: circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas. Accelerated Math students are studying complex shapes such…

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Students Study Literature While Learning Online

Open notebook resting next to a computer

10th Grade students are currently studying “Speak,” a young adult novel, in their English classes. The book is about a young teenager who struggles to fit in to her local high school.  Students are currently focusing on symbols and themes in the book, the themes of “isolation” and “loneliness” in particular. They also compared the…

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Art Students Bring Everyday Objects to Life

Picture of student artwork and objects they've drawn

Making art is about learning how to see the world anew. MUIDS’ 10th grade art students learned how to look at the world in new ways as they continued to study and draw everyday objects.  Students and their instructor, Ms. Rebecca Vickers, MUIDS’s Head of Fine Arts, met via Google Meet where they celebrated a…

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Biology Students Explore Organic Compounds

Science students working in a laboratory

Learning is a process of discovery. MUIDS’s 10th grade Biology students recently discovered the mysteries of organic compounds, some of which are proteins and carbohydrates that create the plants and animals living around us. Working in the school’s laboratories, students examined various liquids to see whether or not they were organic compounds. The answers were…

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Art Students Discover New Techniques

Artwork from MUIDS A.P. students

Our current art students are learning about different forms of art to better express themselves. Ms. Rebecca Vickers, MUIDS’ Head of Fine Arts, explains what her students are learning and how it’s helping them learn about who they are, and most importantly, who they want to be. In AP Art students’ first unit, Sea Change,…

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Blast off at MUIDS: Students Build Their Own Rockets

Launching rockets to the moon was one of humanity’s greatest challenges. MUIDS’ physics and chemistry students got an idea of just how challenging it was. “A part of our task as teachers is to get students to understand that what happens on a big scale also happens on a small scale,” Mr. Gopinarath Subramanian, one…

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