Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees
As a non-profit school we spend almost 70 percent of all tuition dollars on finding and retaining qualified, experienced teachers with real world experience in the subjects they teach. By investing in our teachers, we create a challenging and rewarding environment that provides a wealth of opportunities for students.
Schedule of Fees
One Time Payment (Non-Refundable)
Textbook & Rental Fee
One Time Payment (Refundable)
Security Deposit*
* Kindly note that the security deposit will be refunded solely to students who graduate from our school, have no outstanding tuition or fee balances, and have not caused any damage to textbooks or other school property.
Tuition Payment for Academic Year of 2024-2025
Tuition & Fees*
*Please be informed that tuition fees will be subject to an annual 4% increase
Total Payment for Academic Year of 2024-2025
Grade 10*
Grade 11
Grade 12
*THB 594,000 if conditionally accepted
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Tuition Announcement
Explanation of Fees
Admissions Exams
Prospective students take four admissions exams: a MAP test for academics, a TOEFL test for language, a writing test, and a personal interview. Admissions Exam fees cover the cost of the TOEFL and MAPS tests as well as overtime for employees. The school does not i ssue refunds for exams.
Summer School
MUIDS maintains a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for the university of their choice. Some applicants need additional preparation before entering MUIDS and are accepted with the condition that they complete a summer school course prior to the start of the academic year.
Security Deposit
A security deposit is required to maintain the condition of MUIDS’ campus and property. The full amount is returned to parents after their child graduates unless a student damages the school’s facilities or equipment. The administration will deduct the cost of damages from the security deposit and return the remaining amount.
Textbook Deposit
MUIDS loans students the textbooks they need for their classes. Parents are required to pay a deposit for them when students enter MUIDS. They will receive a full refund if all textbooks are returned undamaged. If a student damages a textbook, MUIDS will deduct the cost and return the remaining amount.
Accident Insurance
Students are required to take one, week long field trip per year and can take several others. In the case of an accident, their parents are contacted while they receive appropriate medical attention. MUIDS uses this fee to ensure students’ can receive the medical care they need when they need it most.
The school uses the TOEFL and MAPS tests to periodically assess students’ language growth and academic achievement. These tests are necessary to ensure that students graduate with the academic skills and English language level they need to enter the university of their choice. They take a MAP and TOEFL test twice a year.