Sculpture Students Leave Behind Great Works

Our twelfth-grade Sculpture students will graduate soon. Many of them will leave behind great works of art for other students to enjoy.

“The focus in MUIDS’s sculpture course is on hands on projects,” Mr. Monchai Kijbamring, the class’s instructor, commented. “This class is unique in the sense that it’s more like a vocational class. Students have learned academic material, like anatomy, but they spend a considerable amount of time creating products.”

Students began this academic year by studying how to use basic tools as well as sculpting techniques. Later they learned how to use lines and shapes to create two-dimensional art.

They then used their skills to produce designs of face masks as well as forms of bas relief, a type of sculpture where the design is carved into an existing surface, much like a coin.

With a solid foundation to work from these students began designing and creating three-dimensional sculptures. They studied proportions as well as muscles and textures to create lifelike sculptures, creating paper mache’ objects as well as other products.

These graduating seniors will be able to use their sculptures in future art portfolios. The Sculpture course will be offered next year and is available for all students.

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