Art Students Bring Everyday Objects to Life

Making art is about learning how to see the world anew. MUIDS’ 10th grade art students learned how to look at the world in new ways as they continued to study and draw everyday objects. 

Students and their instructor, Ms. Rebecca Vickers, MUIDS’s Head of Fine Arts, met via Google Meet where they celebrated a student’s birthday before reviewing prior material. They then collected objects in their homes that they would later draw. 

This lesson built off the previous one where students learned about contour drawing, a technique that helps artists outline an object so that they can then draw it. 

“The objective of this lesson,” Ms Vickers said ,”was to encourage the students to recognize basic elements of shape/form in everyday objects and reproduce those observations through drawings.”

 “In these first weeks of class,” Ms. Vickers added,”students are exploring how line, shape, value, form, and texture can act as tools of visual communication.”

This exercise helps students work towards their final project: an original self-portrait. 

“When they get to the larger objective of creating a creative self-portrait, they will be well-equipped to communicate their intentions through an image after having all of these tools in their toolbox.”

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