MUIDS Calculus Students Master Higher Level Math

Our twelfth grade Calculus students have left behind a legacy of great projects. The final projects they created were objects that allowed them to calculate the actual volume of their object and its theoretical volume.

This concept, known as the volumes of solids with cross sections, has many real world applications. A  designer can use it to draw a two-dimensional rendering of a water bottle and turn it into a three dimensional one, knowing exactly how many millimeters of water it will take to fill that bottle. Mechanical engineers can use it to produce engines that power cars, airplanes, and motorcycles. Even party planners can use it to design decorations. Learning this concept has set up our twelfth grade students for success in college and the workforce, giving them the ability to try out different careers, and not be limited to just one.

Ms. Parunee Kaosayapandhu, Head of Mathematics at MUIDS and the course’s instructor, had a few words of wisdom to offer these students before they officially graduate. She reminded them that, “learning Math is not about memorizing steps and formulas…but how to identify and analyze problems clearly, plan how to solve them, and apply the appropriate methods.” All of us at MUIDS look forward to reading about the real-world problems our twelfth grade students will be solving in the future.

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