Biology Students Explore Organic Compounds

Learning is a process of discovery. MUIDS’s 10th grade Biology students recently discovered the mysteries of organic compounds, some of which are proteins and carbohydrates that create the plants and animals living around us.

Working in the school’s laboratories, students examined various liquids to see whether or not they were organic compounds. The answers were not immediately visible. The challenge for students was learning how to see them.

The solution came in the form of indicators, chemicals that can cause liquids to change colors and reveal their inner properties. Students used test tubes to mix these indicators with random liquids. Over time the colors of these liquids changed, helping students discover exactly what they were made of, and whether or not they were organic compounds.

This lab is a part of a series of labs that will expose students to the most fundamental concepts of Biology. They will help students learn how to think critically and apply what they’ve learned, both in a laboratory setting, and in the real world. 

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