Architects in the Making

Students in MUIDS’s “Architecture and Advertising” class are learning how to apply the basic principles of art, such as how “form follows function,” to architecture. This elective is different from most art classes where students learn how to express themselves. In this class students learn the fundamentals of architecture as well as to how to serve the needs of a client.

“What I tell my students,” Mr. Monchai Kijbamrung, the class’s teacher, said, “is to think of a client as an animal. What are its characteristics? How does it behave in its natural environment? How do you serve its needs?”

The course focuses on practical, applicable skills that are commonly used in advertising agencies and architectural firms. They include everything from lines, shapes, and perspective drawing to how to draw and scale a model.

“Whatever students do, “Mr. Kijbamrung added,”they need to have a specific reason for a specific design, and it needs to solve a specific problem.”

Students have just completed their unit in “Scale Model Making.” They will learn about “Creative Thinking in Form and Space” as well as famous figures in architecture in the near future.

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