Student Services
Student Services
Student Services helps the MUIDS community make the best decisions for students’ academic, personal, and social success. It promotes students’ well-being, prepares them for university and provides opportunities for them to engage in the wider community.
Student Orientation
Many students have difficulties entering an international high school. They leave behind childhood friends and enter a new environment with new challenges.
Student Services works closely with students to help them build new relationships, discover new interests, and grow comfortable in the MUIDS environment.
Personal Counseling Services
Counselors address emotional, social, cognitive and familial concerns potentially impeding a student’s academic performance or progress. When appropriate, services may include other school staff, parents and outside professionals or referrals.
Education & Career Counseling
School Counselors assist students with realistic goal setting, developing education plans, and university selection and application procedures. College and university representatives come each year to speak with parents and students.
Students may also join informational visits to various universities as well as Thai and international education expos held on MUIDS campus.
University Pathways
Transitioning from high school to university is an exciting and important time for students and families. MUIDS helps students make this transition with confidence. Counselors offer guidance in all aspects of preparing for life after graduation.
MUIDS students can prepare to enter a Thai university program, Thai international program, or any university abroad. The classes students take depends on the type of university and program they plan to attend. Some faculties in Thai universities require significantly more math and science credits than international universities.Counselors help students navigate this complex process.
Information for University Representatives
Founded in 2013 under direction of Mahidol University, MUIDS offers a co-educational secondary education for grades 10, 11 and 12, with a rigorous curriculum designed from both Thai and American education standards. Students who graduate from MUIDS earn a Thai high school certificate and an American diploma. These standards prepare students for any university they wish to attend worldwide.
Accrediations & Memberships
MUIDS has received the the highest level of accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS WASC), and by the Thai Ministry of Education. MUIDS also has a developing Advanced Placement (AP) program. Additionally, the school is a founding member of A.I.S.A.A., an association of Bangkok based international schools that host athletics competitions and promotes good sportsmanship.
Ms. Duangporn Kittisunthorn
Head of Counseling
Mr. Leonard Gryzwacz
School Counselor
Mr. Chaploo Soisudarat
School Counselor
Ms. Benjawan Taokuen
School Counselor