Academic Profile
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University Matriculation
The departments at MUIDS favor a collaborative approach to instruction. Rather than treating each subject as distinct and separate, teachers at MUIDS work together to help students find common ideas across subjects, helping them develop a level of critical thinking and creativity needed to succeed in the 21st century.
Head of Department
Meet our faculty
Head of Mathematics
Ms. Parunee Kaosayapandhu
Head of Science
Dr. Sorasaree Tonsiengsom
Head of Physical Education
Mr. Stuart Hill
Head of Information Technology
Mr. Tim Girard
Head of Modern Languages
Ms. Kitiya Le Huu
Head of Social Studies
Dr. Stanly John
Head of Thai Studies
Ms. Suwattana Maneechareon
Head of Fine Arts
Mr. Monchai Kijbamrung
Head of Counseling
Ms. Duangporn Kittisunthorn