MUIDS Students Build a Virtual Community and Create Great Art

Our students have started the 2021-2022 academic year strong. Many of them have started their own clubs, participated in virtual performances, and received excellent test scores for college-level classes. Read on to learn about their achievements.  Folk Song Club Performs Online   The MUIDS Folk Song Club held its first online performance of the year on…

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Small Differences in English Can Have a Big Impact

Our eleventh grade students took a big step in their understanding of English literature. Students studied the differences between denotation (what a word actually means) and connotation (other ideas that word makes you think of). “Learning these concepts helps students master the English language”, Ms. Kitiya Le Huu, the Head of MUIDS’ Modern Languages department,…

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MUIDS July 2021 Newsletter

Computer screens of student work

It has been an exciting month at MUIDS. We recently welcomed several 10th grade students as they completed summer school while the student body held virtual elections for the student government. Catch up on the highlights below. Student Government Elections Held Virtually  MUIDS recently held its annual student government elections. Seven different political parties competed…

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MUIDS Calculus Students Master Higher Level Math

Math student project

Our twelfth grade Calculus students have left behind a legacy of great projects. The final projects they created were objects that allowed them to calculate the actual volume of their object and its theoretical volume. This concept, known as the volumes of solids with cross sections, has many real world applications. A  designer can use…

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Sculpture Students Leave Behind Great Works

Our twelfth-grade Sculpture students will graduate soon. Many of them will leave behind great works of art for other students to enjoy. “The focus in MUIDS’s sculpture course is on hands on projects,” Mr. Monchai Kijbamring, the class’s instructor, commented. “This class is unique in the sense that it’s more like a vocational class. Students…

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Business Students Present Their Earnings Reports

Students in MUIDS’s “Skills for Leadership and Management” class recently created their own companies, and presented their earnings reports to members of the faculty.  Both companies, CAWY and Got Ya’ Back, created their own products and sold them to customers inside and outside the MUIDS community. CAWY created a bag that holds face masks and…

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