MUIDS Students Build a Virtual Community and Create Great Art

Our students have started the 2021-2022 academic year strong. Many of them have started their own clubs, participated in virtual performances, and received excellent test scores for college-level classes.

Read on to learn about their achievements. 

Folk Song Club Performs Online  

The MUIDS Folk Song Club held its first online performance of the year on August 20th. MUIDS grade 11 student, Pimmada (Mild) hosted the event as several bands showcased their musical talents.

Afterwards Mild interviewed her fellow students. One student band that she interviewed was The Yes Mom, a group of twelfth grade boys who have played together since last year’s Battle of the Bands. The group performed songs such as “it’s not living, The 1975”, “Pha-ya-yam-kee-khrang-kor-tam-tae, Hangman” and “Nhoey-mhai-hua-jai, Retrospect” which are a fusion of pop and light rock. 

“The Folk Song Club is a great opportunity to hang out with friends and have a chance to perform,” the band members said.  “We want to welcome our new members to the club and hope all of them have fun.”

The Folk Song Club recently held auditions on August 23rd – 24th and 26th. Visit our school’s Facebook page at MUIDS Online to view their most recent performance.

Chess Club Goes Virtual 

The MUIDS Chess Club continues to grow as students and their teachers connect online. Over fifty students have joined the club so far this year.

“More students are joining this year partly because of ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ the popular miniseries on Netflix,” Mr. Kevin O’ Donnell, one of the club’s teachers, recently commented. “Other reasons are that students enjoy hanging out with their friends, or because they know me from the classes I have taught them.”

While students and teachers miss playing chess in person, they’ve found ways to continue playing each other online. Playing virtually has allowed students to continue building a sense of community while sharing their love for chess.

For Mr. Kevin chess has additional benefits for students: “Chess is an excellent method for teaching students how to think critically while also having fun. It encourages students to think tactically but also strategically. It helps them focus on the big picture in life as well as the totality of any situation they’re in.”

Students have used these skills to play not only against each other, but against Mr. Kevin himself. One MUIDS student, Keng, used these skills when he played against Mr. Kevin, having lost one match while winning another.

“I really enjoy Chess Club because I get to hang out with my friends, but I also enjoy playing against Mr. Kevin. I think he lets me win,” Keng joked. “Far from it,” Mr. Kevin responded.” You made strong moves with your bishop and your queen to beat me. You played aggressively.”

For more information about the Chess Club, as well as other clubs at MUIDS, visit the Clubs page of our website.

AP Art Students Receive Test Scores 

MUIDS’ AP Art 2D Design students recently received their test scores; they scored above the global average and above Thailand’s average. The entire school extends our congratulations to them and their teacher, Ms. Rebecca Vickers.

This course is a college level course that offers students opportunities to not only receive college level credit, but also to develop their artistic voice. Throughout the year they complete a portfolio that demonstrates not only their artistic skills, but their understanding of different artistic movements.

Students learn how to use art to ask their own questions and search for their own answers. They discover inspiration by studying great works of art and by meeting professional artists and designers. This process helps them develop their own artistic voice and gives them a foundation to build on for future artistic endeavors.

MUIDS is planning to offer AP Art 2D Design for the following academic year. Please visit our curriculum page for more information about this course and others.

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