Red Cross Youth Club Helps Preserve Botanical Park

Conserving the planet is everyone’s job, mainly because it’s the only one we have, a fact not lost on MUIDS’s “Red Cross Youth Club.” The club, along with members of the MUIDS faculty,┬árecently visited Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden as part of an environmental restoration program.

Students, working in groups under the guidance of park employees, made various items that will help preserve the park’s natural surroundings. They created E.M. (Effective Microorganism) balls that consisted of decomposed fruit, sugar, and other substances, all of which were thrown into local streams to improve their water quality. Other activities included shooting “seed balls” into neighboring brush to help grow new trees as well as making artificial corals for marine animals.

In addition to these activities, students helped those less fortunate than themselves; they created tie-dye clothing for disadvantaged tribes living in the north of Thailand. These clothes will help children adjust to Thailand’s winter.

The club is currently developing plans for future outings. 

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