March 10, 2023
Sports Science Class Field Trip in Mahidol University
On March 2nd, 2023, students from the Applied Sports Science class went to Mahidol University’s Sports Science Faculty for a mini field trip to see what a career in the field looks like. To see what research and equipment are used in these careers, as well as the critical role in sport science and athlete performance. The visit to the workout facilities allowed the students to put their exercise physiology unit knowledge into practice by performing exercises with appropriate fitness equipment.

The students were divided into three groups:
Station 1 tested their cardiovascular health and VO2 max from a student riding a stationary bike.
Station 2 used the isokinetic machine to test the strength of their quadriceps and hamstrings.
Station 3 focused on biomechanics, and students were given the opportunity to wear motion sensors and track their walking movements.
Thank you to the Sports Science faculty at Mahidol University for allowing us to have this beneficial opportunity!
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