August 22, 2023

University Council Visit: 3 at Mahidol University International Demonstration School

On August 22nd, 2023, Clinical Prof. Emeritus Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, M.D., president of the University Council presided over the annual 2023 meeting to discuss the work performance of Mahidol University International Demonstration School University Council Visit: 3) No. 36/2023 including the University Council management team.

The meeting was held in the seminar room on the 4th floor, at the MUIDS building. Emeritus Professor Dr. Wariya Chinwanno, Director of Mahidol University International Demonstration School, deputy directors, and department heads attended this meeting. The conference was held both on-site and online, with the following four major discussion points.

  1. The operational performance in accordance with action plans and objectives presented in the University Council Visit: 2
  2. The goals that are expected to be operated and in line with the Super Cluster: Brainstorming MU The Way Forward 2022
  3. The organizational projects that drive the SDGs and the establishment of the Mahidol University SDGs Units (referring to the university retreat that was held on Apr. 22-23, 2023)
  4. Other suggestions
The meeting was concluded on a positive note with attendees acknowledging the conducting performance and future operational plans, achievements, and policies aims at strengthening MUIDS’ long-term operation.
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