10th Grade Academic Update

The first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year has ended. MUIDS is proud of its new 10th grade students as they continue to transition to their new school. Dr. Stephen Coryelle, MUIDS’s Deputy Director for Academics, spoke about how the Class of 2023 is adjusting to the MUIDS curriculum, what challenges they’re facing, and how they can overcome them.

How well are the 10th grade students transitioning to the MUIDS curriculum?

The new class of 10th grade students are transitioning well. They are engaging in higher-level discussions. They are also learning how to work more independently, how to think more critically, and how to engage in a deeper level of analysis.

Which areas do students need to grow in?  

Some 10th-grade students are used to a ‘teacher-centered’ mode of instruction. That means the teacher mostly gives them information through lectures. MUIDS uses a “student-centered” mode of instruction; teachers do lecture occasionally, but students are expected to do research and find their own answers with the teacher facilitating this process.

Another area students are learning to grow in is solving difficult, multi-step problems. They require additional patience and time. 10th-grade students are learning to factor that into their academic workload.

What can students do to improve?

In any high school the most important trait students can develop is “self-agency.” That’s true of MUIDS students as well. For them that means seeking help when they’re struggling in a subject. They should reach out to their teachers either in class or later in the day. Their teachers are here to help them improve.

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