Swing Away: MUIDS Alumnus Earns Golfing Scholarship

For most people, it takes a process of elimination to discover what they want out of life.  MUIDS alumnus Bhitchayoot Sima-Aree (nickname Bhoom) already knows:

“Ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to be a professional golfer. My motivation to start playing came from my Dad as well as watching Tiger Woods.”

Bhoom’s passion for the game started at a young age:

“A plastic golf club was my first club. I’d use that to hit plastic golf balls. That helped me develop my hand-eye coordination.”

“When I play golf I love hitting “the sweet spot”: that’s the spot where the ball hits the center of the club. I love the pinging sound it makes. That sound has motivated me to keep practicing and perfecting my game.”

“I’ll always remember my best day on the golf course. I was full of confidence because everything was going right. My approaching shots were perfect. My putting was on fire.  I even made 5 birdies in a row. I didn’t expect to hit the lowest round in my life:  9 – unders par 63 (-9).”

Bhoom soon learned though that maintaining that level of excellence is golf’s greatest challenge.

“I remember when I was playing to qualify for American tournaments. The competition was tough. I managed to reach the playoffs, but unfortunately I didn’t win. My mental game just wasn’t strong enough. I realized then that I needed to improve my focus. Now, I am studying with a professional golfer. He’s very good at analyzing my golfing swing and helping me improve it. I continue to work on my mental game as well.”

Bhoom’s hard work has paid off. Next year he will study at Marquette University where he has received a full academic and athletic scholarship.

“I will study either Sport Science or Business, but after I graduate I will try to become a professional golfer. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing well or if I’m doing poorly, I’m always happy on a golf course.”

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