Finding Freedom in MUIDS’ Art Club

 Two  students,  Jan and Jen (not their real names), wanted to find out what the Art Club’s really like. Here’s what they found: 

Rebecca Vickers, MUIDS’ art teacher and art club sponsor, has been passionate about art since she was a child. For her, even everyday objects are a source of artistic inspiration: “Even the street lamps at night still reflect my passion as a young artist. I look at them differently from other people: it’s as if the lamps express my hopes and my dreams.”

As a teacher, Ms. Vickers tries to give her students the same sense of inspiration, whether in her classes, or in the Art Club. “In Art Club, we do a lot of hands-on activities. We try new things in term of material every week such as oil painting, drawing, chalk pastel, etc. Students can explore different materials and find a form of art they can best use to express themselves.”

Clare (not her real name), a grade 10 student, joins the Art Club every week. “I’ve always liked art because it relaxes me. The Art Club gives me an opportunity to relax. Every time I get stressed about homework, friends, or family, I make art. It always makes me feel better.”

Clare doesn’t just enjoy the opportunity to create art. “I really like Ms. Rebecca. She is very kind, has a cool temper, and understands her students. I love how she teaches me the best techniques and guides me through them.”

May (not her real name), another tenth grader, is having a similar experience:  “I have always been attracted to art since I began reading Japanese books; they have a lot of beautiful pictures and characters. When I was younger I started to draw these characters. At a certain point though, I realized I needed help to draw them well.”

May uses the Art Club to develop her core skills. She credits Ms. Vickers with helping her develop as an artist: “Ms. Vickers is more than a teacher. I feel like I am with my mom because she always understands me. She listens to what I and other students want to do and what we want to create.”

“You can express your perspective freely through art, “Ms Vickers added. “Art has no right, or wrong.”

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