March 28, 2023

Week of Young Artist Showcase ‘Find Art’

The first week-long art event at Mahidol University International Demonstration School took place last week from March 20th to March 24th, 2023. The showcase offered multiple art workshops and exhibitions of student works in semi-professional environments allowing them to interact with the audiences.

The Exhibitions:
AP Arts Exhibition: Showcased selected works from individual prompts throughout the school year as they explored techniques of 2D visual arts creation. Students were open to display their work freely within a given space.
Sculpture Exhibition: Student’s sculptors explored the use of photo and anatomical referencing, while bring true to the accuracy or scale and anatomy, and were free to exercise their creativity of imaginative creature of their own.
Integrated Music Showcase: This displayed works from students as they were introduced to the art of making their music, ranging from short commercial jingles to an album of original songs.

The Workshops:
House Banner Painting Competitions: Students created a representation of their houses on a big canvas. The banners would be displayed during the upcoming Sports Day.
Warhammer Painting Workshop: Students learned how to paint a miniature figure with precision and technique to achieve the desired effects.
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop: This workshop provided students with professional materials and techniques to get started on their first traditional Chinese-style artwork.
Cubism Art Through Sculpture: This workshop introduced the notion of cubism and how to make a cubist sculpture by a simple method with great outcomes.

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