MUIDS Graduation 2019

High school graduates throwing caps

Congratulations to the students of the class of 2019. Our administrators wanted to give them one last piece of advice before they officially become adults. Associate Professor Dr. Wariya Chinwanno (School Director) Our dear, fine, young MUIDS men and women, You now have come to the last page of your high school journey. As the…

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Senior Reaches New Heights in Badminton

It took a long time for senior Chris (not his real name) to become a skilled badminton player. His efforts paid off after many years of training, and success soon followed. The first time I played badminton was when I was 8 years old. My dad wanted me to exercise more in order to lose…

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MUIDS Alum Continues Model United Nations Success

No one succeeds alone, a fact MUIDS alumnus Pin-anong Weesapen learned through Model United Nations, a program that lets students represent different countries, debate global challenges, and find solutions to them.    “I remember spending my childhood engaging in politics,” Pin recounted.  “When I was 10, I even wrote a letter to the then prime…

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Junior Achievement Team Wins National Award

MUIDS Junior Achievement just earned a national award for founding their own company and developing their own product. Learn how they worked together to create a product their customers are quickly falling in love with.

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Swing Away: MUIDS Alumnus Earns Golfing Scholarship

For most people, it takes a process of elimination to discover what they want out of life.  MUIDS alumnus Bhitchayoot Sima-Aree (nickname Bhoom) already knows: “Ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to be a professional golfer. My motivation to start playing came from my Dad as well as watching Tiger Woods.”…

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Computer Programming Isn’t Hard…Really! Just Ask Mr. Girard!

IT teacher demonstrates programming basics

Programming a computer can be challenging. Mr. Girard, who has worked for some of the world’s premier technology companies,  makes it simple and relatable for his students. In the interview below, he talks about what got him interested in computers, the changes he’s seen in them over time, and why he teaches programming. How did…

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When Dreams Meet Reality: MUIDS Students Study Abroad

Study abroad students

Growing up is hard, and nothing can make you grow up faster than leaving home, studying in another country, and living on your own. Fay Chomphunik, a MUIDS journalism student, interviewed three students about their study abroad experiences. The challenges they faced were not easy to overcome, but the lessons they learned were invaluable. The…

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