10th Grade Poetry

Poetry has long been one of the best ways to learn the English language; no word in a poem goes unnoticed, no line of punctuation goes unexamined.

MUIDS’s 10th grade students recently completed their unit on poetry. Students not only learned the fundamentals of poetry, but also wrote their own.

“This unit of poetry focused on ‘Self-Expression,’ ” Mr. Matthew Allsopp, MUIDS’s Head of Modern Languages, recently commented. “The students put in a lot of hard work to express themselves through their poems. We hope everyone enjoys them.”

Below are a few of the students’ poems: 


When we take off to dreamland,
We travel far, far away to another land

Sometimes the skies are grey
Sometimes, the sky glows in different gradient shades,
since the sun is shining and starting to hide away

Like cookies in a jar, dreams look so sweet but seem so far
Sometimes I want to escape from reality through a getaway car
Dreamland is not the place that everyone is allowed,
A vanilla sky, you can smell the rainbow and touch the clouds
When ever dreamcatchers bring you to dreamland’s crust,
But then, wake up turn turns every dream into star dust
There are days when I don’t want to wake up
Like an ice cream, my dreams melt away and we are forced to
break up
We face almost a whole day, without the luxury of twilight;

Once again, my head touches the school’s smooth desk and I
begin daydreaming


An ordinary place with four walls
Nowhere else is better to feel more belonged
A pink prick of prismatic light expanded while I was awaken by
familiar sounds and calls
strolling down the disintegrated hall with hanging pictures I’ve drawn
All the memories with you starts to recall itself back to where it

Do you miss, the first day a sound was echoed by my little self
As I flipped the photo book, my memories seem to flash back like a movie
being rewinded

Even when I choose to leave everything I treasured for wealth
The warmth that reminds me of home couldn’t be withdrawn from within
At last I couldn’t escape the truth that this is where I am truly myself
In a house wherein humans had lived and died

Sound of Music

The sound of music pleases me
Whether it’s Sinatra or Mercury
Whether I’m shining or blue
I’ll always listen to a song or two

Music’s like my car’s gasoline
Fills me up with joy, it seems
Every note that is played
Can cheer me up any day

I can smell vanilla milkshakes and car grease
With songs of Elvis Presley
Or the soft wind blowing to my face
As Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” plays

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